Operating out of Jeffreys Bay or Port St. Francis
We have capacity for 3 pax at a time.

SCUBA Diving

R 350 per person per launch
R 80 per airfill
Gear rental available upon arrangement / request.

Full kit + cylinder and airfill R 250 per day.


R 350 per person

Snorkeling / Freediving

R 300 per person

Basic instruction and demonstration included

Ocean Safaris

A sight seeing trip to Kabeljouws while looking out for whales, sharks, dolphins and all sorts of interesting things. See all the famous surf spots from backline. You may even spot some Buffalo! ;-)


Please note:

Providing this service is a way for me to fund boat ownership and my hobby and I provide a sort of a "water taxi" service for divers while I do that. I don't provide a Dive Master, but you can request one and we can hear who is available. I will provide you with a surface marker so I can see where you are. Your underwater safety is your own responsibility. Equipment rental is available upon request and arrangement. Airfills can be done at R 80 per airfill. I can't guarantee visibility or the weather, but will endevour to choose the best conditions. No show + no excuse or cancellation 24 hours before dive = no refund. If I cancel the dive because of bad weather, you will get the credit to use on anothe dive.